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Solar Development Engineer

The Opportunity:

Join a growing team dedicated to development and management of energy transition infrastructure, community economic development, corporate social responsibility, safeguarding environmental resources, and sharing in the growth of a highly ethical, competitive, and privately held enterprise.


The Solar Development Engineer will be responsible for all technical aspects of solar project development (including associated storage components) and execution including management of technical consultants, procurement, construction and operations contract development (including MSA, EPC, O&M, and interconnection agreements), financial model technical inputs, permitting support, local utility and roadwork coordination, and all relevant technical and commercial input required to successfully develop and finance utility-scale solar power projects. Core duties will include:

Site Selection and Feasibility Support – Provide recommendations to the Project Manager on the technical feasibility of individual sites contemplated for new development projects, for generating facility sites as well as sites for interconnection facilities;

Technology Assessments – Conduct technical assessments of different OEMs (both related to solar and storage), consult with AP construction team and provide recommendations to the Project Manager on the type of technologies to use for the project;

Development of Plant Performance Estimates – Work with OEMs, Owner’s Engineers, AP’s Construction team and EPC Contractors to develop plant performance for use in the interconnection process, RFP proposals, permitting and the financial model, including a strong familiarity with PVSyst;

Interconnection Process – Develop all technical inputs in support of a project’s initial Interconnection Request and subsequent studies conducted by the regional ISO; Develop all technical inputs and support field walk requirements in support of a project’s construction water supply, construction/permanent power and telecommunications interconnections;

Infrastructure Requirements Evaluation – Work closely with the Project Manager to determine all feasible options for required project infrastructure, including electrical interconnection, telecommunications, water wells or pipelines, and road/access improvements;

Development of Site Drawings – Develop with the Owner’s Engineer all site and interconnection facility layouts, grading plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, elevations and other drawings necessary for project development and permitting;

Permit Support – Provide technical support to the Permitting Manager for all relevant project permits. Track technical permit obligation compliance for technical/construction obligations required pre- and post-financial close;

Technical Contract Development and Negotiations – Support the Director of Solar Construction and SVP, Engineering & Construction in the development of all technical contracts (EPC Contracts, Equipment Purchase Contracts, O&M contracts, local utility contracts, technical consultant and Owner’s Engineer contracts, etc.); support process for all project contracts (Interconnection Contracts for electrical, water, and Real Estate Contracts)

Management of Consultants – Manage the activities of the Owner’s Engineer and other technical consultants providing support to the project;

Project Finance – Develop all technical inputs to the project financial model, including estimates of performance, EPC capital costs, operating and maintenance expenses, and operational capital expenditures. Contract and manage the Independent Engineer (IE) due diligence process in support of financial close; review all iterations of the IE’s report; coordinate IE-Lender correspondence and report comments; and ensure timely delivery of the IE’s report, Use of Work Product Agreements, drawdown validation reviews, and any other IE requirements set forth under the project credit agreements.

Acquisition Due Diligence – Provide technical due diligence support for all potential project acquisitions, including development of information requests, review of data and management of all technical consultants;

Construction Management Support –Provide general support to the Construction Manager on an as-needed basis for all technical issues that arise during the construction phase of a project;



Additional requirements:

  • Candidate should have a minimum of 3 years of experience with the development and design of large-scale solar plants
  • Candidate should possess a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from an accredited institution.


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